The Hispanic Film Society of Victoria

The Hispanic Film Society of Victoria was established in 2013 with the aim of promoting Latin American and Spanish Cinema in Victoria through the organization of an annual Film Week at Cinecenta. The Society continues the work of the organizing committee which has been in charge of setting up the Latin American and Spanish Film Week since 2010. By becoming a Society, the members aim to engage more closely the diverse communities interested in cinema and the cultures of the Hispanic world. We invite the public to attend the annual Film Week as well as getting in touch with us to learn more about our activities and the possibilities for volunteering.

board of directors

Dan Russek (President)

Isabel Leal (Treasurer)

Katya Gallegos (director at large)

Gabriela McBee (director at large)

Erin Campbell (director at large)

Susan Abrill (2017-2019)

Lloyd Howard (2013-2017)

Chrissie Forster (2013-2016)

Nathan Kelerstein (2014-2016)

Zoey Ockenden (director at large – 2013/2014)

Dovi Kreger (director at large – 2013)

Our thanks to our volunteers who contributed to the success of the event this year, especially Héctor Vázquez, Eloísa Cervantes, Tara Matthews, and Susan Abril. 


The 13th Latin American and Spanish Film Week was organized by the Hispanic Film Society of Victoria and sponsored by the Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies, the Department of Anthropology, the Latin American Studies Program, the Faculty of Humanities, and the Office of the President at the University of Victoria. It also received support from the CRD Arts Development Service, and BC Arts Council. Postales Musicales de Latinoamérica and CFUV 101.9 FM are the media sponsors.
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